Online training portal launched by Sinclair Pharma

on 28th February 2018

Sinclair Pharma has introduced Sinclair College – an online training platform for aesthetic practitioners using the company’s facial rejuvenation products.

According to Sinclair, treatments – and the way they are delivered – constantly improve and it is important that the industry facilitates the necessary learning so that clinicians are equipped to constantly meet patient demand.

Accelerating business growth

As a key driver in minimally invasive facial rejuvenation treatments, Sinclair has built a portfolio of differentiated, and complementary aesthetics technologies.

Silhouette Soft, Ellansé, and Perfectha are relatively new approaches to aesthetic dermatology: the skin-lifting suture procedure, the collagen-stimulation treatment, and next-generation dermal filler are all high quality, effective and longer lasting, providing the natural-looking results clients are now seeking.

Those clinicians trained in the effective use of these treatments – and utilising them successfully in clinic – rightly expect to enjoy significant growth, and this is supported by Sinclair Pharma via its one to one training and beyond with the introduction of  Sinclair College.

Knowledge sharing

Dr Ian Hallam MBE, a multi-award-winning surgeon and a visiting clinical teacher in facial aesthetics for the MSc course in Aesthetics at King’s College London, recently returned from Sinclair Pharma’s World Expert Meeting (WEM), which was held in Barcelona, and was effusive in his praise about the event and keen for others to share the knowledge he gained:

‘WEM focused on clinical advancements in aesthetic treatments, product developments and techniques being used across the globe.

‘The conference concluded with the announcement of the ongoing support and practice development through Sinclair College, providing us with webinars and access to information, which I think is a wonderful addition to the training it provides for physicians.’

Sinclair is keen to share knowledge with clinicians and features all the WEM 2017 presentations on its Sinclair College portal (, the company’s online portal designed to offer a high quality service to match its products.

Its aim is to help healthcare professionals achieve the results patients expect with valuable support without the need to travel or waste valuable clinic time – all at the touch of a button.

Tailored learning

All practitioners need to do is register with the website, and the journey is tailored to meet their specific needs and work at a pace dictated by them.

The website is easy to navigate, is personalised with a private profile page so that practitioners can keep track of courses completed and addresses the skills gap to accelerate learning and ensure high levels of competency and excellence in practice.

Once signed up, practitioners have free and unlimited access to:

  • Medical-themed courses, which include self-evaluation tests, and cover core topics such as anatomy, products, combining treatments and the science behind the aesthetic products.  These four main courses can be taken in the order that best suits the clinician’s needs and, on completion, they are granted a certificate from the College. There is even a course that offers practice support to doctor and dentists, offering them the opportunity to upgrade their team’s communication skills both face-to-face and online in order to attract and retain patients, thereby adding value to any forward-thinking medical practice
  • Webinars, which are available both ‘on demand’ and live presentations.  They are hosted by some of the leading global experts in the field of minimally invasive treatments and cover key innovations and developments as well as recent concepts and current thinking. Topics such as ‘What is Ellansé?’ and ‘What is new on Silhouette? From the concept to the procedure’, which aim to help shape both the understanding and application of these treatments in clinic
  • A comprehensive library of published papers on the application of Sinclair Pharma’s aesthetic treatments which have been published in journals such as Dermatologic Surgery, Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, Aesthetic Surgery Journal and more
  • The impressive biographies of the dynamic and highly qualified experts, who help shape the portal’s content in the fields of minimally invasive treatments, biology, science, digital marketing and communication skills.
  • A link to the IMCAS Academy and its own library of videos of clinical demonstrations as well its upcoming live webinars on aesthetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology.

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