Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2018: and the winners are…

on 3rd April 2018

The spectacular Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2018 went off in style on 23 March at the iconic Landmark Hotel in Marylebone.

The outstanding calibre of entries to this year’s awards left the judges facing some tough decisions. But judge they did, and we’re delighted to present the winners for you.

Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2018 winners

Patient Choice Award

Winner: Thomas Sealey

Highly Commended: Maria McNally & Stephen Murray

Orthodontics Adult Fixed

Winner: Jigar Patel

Orthodontics Child/Teenager Fixed

Winner: Catherine McCanny

Highly Commended: Jigar Patel

Orthodontics Removable

Winner: Adam Nulty

Orthodontics Invisalign

Winner: Catherine McCanny

Highly Commended: Stephen Murray

Restorative Single Tooth Composite

Winner: Dipesh Parmar

Restorative Single Tooth Ceramic

Winner: Dipesh Parmar – Hiten Parmar (technician)

Highly Commended: Thomas Sealey – Simon Caxton (technician)

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Restorative Minimal Intervention Dentistry

Winner: Thomas Sealey

Highly Commended: Sheila Nguyen

Restorative Dentures (Full or Partial)

Winner: Luke Hutchings – Phil Reddington (technician)

Highly Commended: Peter Buchan – Wayne Flack (technician)

Restorative Single Arch

Winner: Ken Harris – Brent West (technician)

Highly Commended: Dipesh Parmar – Rob Lynock (technician)

Restorative Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Winner: Dipesh Parmar- Hiten Parmar (technician)

Highly Commended: Diana Casalins – Wayne Flack and Krzysztof Lewandowski (technicians)

Tooth Whitening

Winner: Ashish Soneji

Highly Commended: Dipesh Parmar

Interdisciplinary Team Orthodontic-Surgical

Winner: Maria McNally – Dimitrios Doumpiotis and Maurice Spillane (technicians)

Interdisciplinary Team Orthodontic-Restorative

Winner: Peter Buchan – R R Mahesh and Wayne Flack (technicians)

Restorative Conservative Smile Makeover (Composite)

Winner: James Littler

Highly Commended: Andrew Wilson

Restorative Conservative Smile Makeover (Ceramic)

Winner: Thomas Sealey – Simon Caxton (technician)

Highly Commended: Abel Moreira – Luca Mauceri  (technician)

Implant – Multiple

Winner: Sinead McEnhill – Mark Ambridge (technician)

Implant – Single Tooth

Winner: Thomas Sealey – Simon Caxton (technician)

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Facial Aesthetics – Botulinum Toxin

Winner: Julia Bernardo

Highly Commended: Sheila Nguyen

Facial Aesthetics – Dermal Filler Peri-Oral

Winner: Sarah Takroni

Highly Commended: Rhona Eskander

Facial Aesthetics – Full Facial Treatment

Winner: Nina Bal

Highly Commended: 1. Sheila Nguyen; 2. Pradnya Apte

Best Aesthetic Practice

Winner: Riveredge Cosmetic Dentistry

Highly Commended: 1. Belmore Dental Implant Clinic; 2. Blue Sky Dentistry

Best Aesthetic Dentist and Best Aesthetic Technician 2018

Winner: Dipesh Parmar (dentist)

Winner: Hiten Parmar (technician)

Outstanding Contribution to Aesthetic Dentistry

Winner: Dr Tif Qureshi 

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