Going ‘au naturel’ at Galderma Aesthetics Academy annual conference

On 29 June, Galderma held the 15th Galderma Aesthetics Academy Annual Conference (GAA-AC 2018), at the Royal College of General Practitioners, London.

The title of this year’s annual conference was ‘Au Naturel’, and attending healthcare professionals were encouraged to take a fresh look at their patients to identify and fully understand the differences in both anatomy and desired outcomes across the different generations.

New generation of patients

‘The psychology toward injectables has greatly changed in the UK and worldwide’, commented Sharon Bennett, chair of the British Academy of Cosmetic Nurses.

‘We are seeing such a wide variety of patients coming through the doors because aesthetic treatments are more socially acceptable.

‘Ten or 20 years ago there wasn’t such a wide disparity between the ages of our patients –, we were mainly seeing those in their 40s, 50s, and upwards.

‘Today, however, we see lots of much younger patients alongside the original demographic.

‘These younger and more vulnerable patients come with a different set of psychological needs, which we have to be aware of and ensure we are extremely careful in the way we asses and consult them.’

As well as providing a networking platform, attendees benefitted from presentations, lectures and live demonstrations, which provided key insights into how to achieve the best results with Galderma’s Restylane portfolio.

The exclusive and interactive conference was chaired by Professor Syed Haq and supported by Galderma’s nationally and internationally recognised multidisciplinary faculty.

Professor Haq opened the conference with an overview of the different technologies used in the Restylane portfolio, a broad range of hyaluronic acid treatments that has been created to suit individual needs.

Natural beauty

Mark Devlin and Jeff Downie then presented on the understanding of natural beauty and explored the psychology of attraction, beauty and dissatisfaction.

They discussed facial symmetry and relative attractiveness, summarising that beauty can be hard to define yet easy to quantify.

Focusing on how to treat millennials, Dr Ravi Jain discussed how this age group differs from other generations, which, in part, is due to their increased online presence, and explained how to tailor communications for millennials and why a good consultation is so important.

Interestingly he noted that society has transitioned from those looking for ‘15 minutes of fame’ to those looking to ‘broadcast’ themselves using social media.

Lectures were interspersed with live patient demonstrations where experts shared their tips and techniques.

Sharon Bennett, Dr Kuldeep Minocha and Professor Bob Khanna treated patients using a selection of products from the Restylane range to create individualised looks which were tailored to each patient’s aspirations.

From a dermatologist’s perspective, Dr Sandeep Cliff delivered a captivating presentation on how best to manage skin health.

He highlighted that a holistic integrated approach, combining key products with proven aesthetic treatments, can help aesthetic practitioners improve their approach to managing skin quality.

The latest information

‘The main aim for the conference is to provide an environment for our more experienced injectors to learn latest techniques and product knowledge from the experts’ commented Toby Cooper, head of medical solutions at Galderma UK.

‘These experts all sit on an international podium, they have an international presence, so it’s a chance for our more skilled and experienced customers to learn a little bit more.’

The conference concluded with a panel discussion that provided attendees with the opportunity to ask the speakers questions regarding content presented in the sessions as well as any questions they had relating to their own practice.

The GAA-AC is part of the Galderma educational platform, which provides award-winning training programmes to ensure a commitment to growing a responsible aesthetic community.

For more information on Galderma’s educational offering, contact Jemma Cooke, medical education manager, Galderma UK: jemma.cooke@galderma.com




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