A brief history of tooth whitening

Sophie Hatton presents a timeline covering the origins of modern tooth whitening methods, from the first use of hydrogen peroxide all the way to present day innovations. Click here for the full timeline.

This article was originally published in the February 2017 issue of Aesthetic Dentistry Today. Read more articles like this in Aesthetic Dentistry Today and gain three hours’ verifiable CPD with every issue. Click here to subscribe or call 01923 851 777. Get in touch via Twitter @AesDenToday or facebook.com/AesDenToday.

Sophie Hatton

Sophie Hatton

Author at Aesthetic Dentistry Today

Sophie is managing editor of the clinical journal, Aesthetic Dentistry Today. She has 10 years' experience in healthcare writing and editing. Email: sophie.hatton@fmc.co.uk Twitter: @FMCSophie

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